Chasing the Only Meaningful Memory You Thought You Had Left
oil on panel

$2400.00 CDN


Jaqui said...

the words with these images, these paintings...they bring you in to the paintings you cannot stay outside of them after you read the words;
are they yours?

Mark Laver said...

Hi Jaqui.

The titles are all lyrics from music I listen to while painting. Whenever a line hits the right emotional chord that suits what I'm painting I write it down. So far I've resisted putting the title in the painting itself, but they are a big part of it for me. I'm glad you agree. In fact I often think my aesthetic is influenced more by the music I listen to (folk punk, alt country, folk screamo, indie rock, southern rock) than by other painters. If you click on the title of each painting, it links to youtube to hear the song (if available). Great to meet you yesterday... Mark